I was born to Barbie!

Needless to say, I played with dolls and loved my Barbies! Pink was and is my favorite color and same goes for my beautiful mother.

In fact, when I was 3 my father came home with the news that Ford was his new client and we were offered to choose the color we wanted and I blurted out, “PINK!” and Pink it was! Much to my brothers chagrin! They hated that pink Country Squire with wood paneling so much that they asked to be dropped at the end of the block so as not to be associated! Yes, we all wish we still had it now!

I have always loved the color pink and yet there were some definite dark ages in my youth full of moody black boots and leather with studs and no room for pink. 

Like everyone, I grew out and up and decided Pink was here to stay! Besides, It’s so flattering!

Anyway, Barbie is & always will be associated with the color PINK! So when I was asked to join a bunch of Barbie lovers to dress-up and go together, I jumped into my pinkest pink and embraced the idea. The night before I had a pink party in my closet and couldn’t believe the party had started before I even got there!

As I shopped my closet, I found an old Barbie necklace from when my girls were Barbie batty! I discovered the perfect vintage pink pumps I forgot I had purchased at The Palm Springs Vintage Market and then just lost control from there on… It was important to me to not buy anything for this event but to channel my inner child. As I played in my closet I found oodles of outfits for Barbie to wear in adventures I am sure she has yet to discover! Everything was pink and definitely loud and happy.

As we all gathered at the Westfield Century City Mall to see an 11am showing on the debut weekend, we spotted each other immediately amongst pink pouring off the escalators and into the theaters. It was cult-like to see everyone giddy with pleasure to be pinked up for this scene. As we laughed at each other and stood in lines to be photoed in boxes for Barbies a true gathering was happening. It was a beautiful meeting of the minds with no sense of guilt or shame. We were playing dress-up and it was so much fun!

I swear if I see anyone in Pink from now on it’s going to be hard not to say, “Hi Barbie!” Am I in a cult?

Last but not least I just want to share the most transformative part of this movement! Yes, it moved me!

As we left the Movie, all smiles and happy, I looked at the first person I saw and said, “Hi Barbie!” and they said it back to me with a big smile! Instantly, we were all friends! All of a sudden I felt like I was in some sort of old movie (American in Paris or On the Town) where everyone stops and starts singing and dancing. Male and female were gathered to have fun and watch a movie that took us all on a giddy ride through Barbie-land. It left us all friends and friendly to each other. Never before have I had a movie do that to me and the entire audience in one sitting! Seriously for the rest of the day in the Mall you could see a Barbie-goer and stop in your tracks and scream, “Hi Barbie!” and they would return the love!

Maybe Grease made us feel that way? Which, I also saw at Century City when I was little with my BFF and our parents had to just leave us there for days! 

There are so many more reasons why you should hurry up and put on some pink and go see the movie! The soundtrack, the inside jokes, the costumes and surprise guest roles (Award winning costumer Ann Roth on the bus stop!) It was transformative, just try it, just for fun.

Thank you Barbie!




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