About Monica

Monica designs easy comfortable travel friendly clothes for hip kids and their fabulous mothers.

The fabrics are always classic and comfortable. She’s created shapes that flatter and flow from one event to another. Monica grew up in Los Angeles so she understands the comfy, casual lifestyle needed for stylish kids on the go. From the beach to the pool and down to the desert, her clothes are meant to last for more than one season and take you from backyard BBQ’s to fancy Country Clubs & beach fun anywhere on  the planet!

Monica’s two daughters have always been her inspiration as well as the life she leads traveling and showing them how to have fun in life. Her designs are inspired also by her love of classic clothes & fabulous fabrics.  After 23 years living in New York and making the East Coast her home, she is back in Los Angeles with a smile and ready to share her passion for fashion with you.

Monica makes one guarantee, it will all fit in the overhead compartment!

Monica as a baby on the beach in Santa Monica

Monica as a baby on the beach in Santa Monica

* Note: this is an old video from when I used to design only children’s wear.

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